Mistakes You Want To Avoid When Doing Adwords Campaigns

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If you know that the best way to get effective Google Adwords campaigns is getting your ad written in a manner that is relevant to the search queries, and adhere to this principle as much as possible, you are bound to be successful doing Adwords campaigns. However, there could be still mistakes that you want to avoid when doing Adwords campaigns.

But let us start with the basics of the Ad, what is an ad and how easy it is to write it and get it published. The first thing is to consider that an ad is an element of publicity about a product, thing, service, event, program, person, people, place, city, country etc. etc. There are many types of ads which you can group together for your campaigns about a product or service, or just individual single ads to offer a product or a particular service for the people you want to target.

Ideally, or better still, your ads have to be laser targeted to the queries your potential target market is using. When you align the words of your add to the keywords used by your target audience, you are right on the path to success with Adwords, because your ads are then very relevant; your audience will be interested in clicking them and most likely end up buying what you have to offer.

Identifying clearly what you are selling to the audience that you are targeting, and describing the specific benefits, features, offers that they want and emphasizing the unique qualities of the service or product you are promoting, is bound to get you a good response from your potential customers.

That is already one of the things to avoid from your ads, irrelevancy! you want your ads to be very relevant to the wants of your potential customers. Another thing to avoid is bad grammar and inaccuracies of the details of your ads, remember that they must be effective, laser targeted, descriptive and correctly written.

Use capitalization in the right way, for example, by using it in every word of your URLs to make them easily readable. And if Google Adwords, allow you one exclamation mark, use it to make your point more effectively. Clearly, their guidelines about ad structure must be obeyed.

Consider also the geographical element of your ads, the demographics, the language, and the groups of customers they aim at. This goes back to laser targeting, the more focus your ads are, the more effective they will be. Let the readers see everything they are after in your ads and your click through rate (CTR) will go higher and higher.

So, another thing to avoid is not testing the performance of your ads. This is an activity that has to be continuously taken in order to know which ads work better so that you concentrate on them and discard those ads that perform badly. Or try to split test them with different versions, emphasis, keywords or construction.

With better CTR you are bound to get better conversions and this is really what you are most interested in. Conversion rates have to be tested regularly and improved constantly. So avoid also forgetting to do this. Ok, sometimes higher CTRs do not necessarily bring higher conversions, but this has to be tested to find out why this is happening. Without testing, it is not possible to know how to improve conversion rates.

When your ads have a geographical element, for instance, if you are offering a service providing English Language classes in Madrid, is no use having that ad seen by a person living in south Spain or in France. Include the city in question in your add, to target the right customers your ad aims to attract.

Remember when using ad groups for your campaigns, you are still aiming for the relevancy of the long tail keywords you choose. Avoid using keywords that seem relevant, but that do not have enough traffic. Test them for traffic first and make sure they are in line with the search queries of your prospects.

Also include negative keywords in your ad groups; don't ignore them because they help to get higher "click-through-rate" since your ads don't get seen by people who should not see them. Time saved.

Avoid attracting the wrong crowd to your ads, for instance, if you are promoting high class, high end priced goods, make this clear in the ad to discourage bargain hunters, use these words "premium" "high quality" "exclusive" "luxury".

Avoid being vague with your call to action, instead, give precise, clear instructions about what you want them to do, to maximise the performance of your Adwords campaign. This being a conversion, which could be a sale, a request for more information, or an opt-in.

Another thing to avoid, and this is a very common mistake many people make, is to not test at least two different versions of your ads. If you do not have several versions of your ads, you will never know which one is the most beneficial for your business. Or what combination of keywords work better in your ads.

Finally, avoid losing your focus on the correct keywords to use in your ads. Aim to use the most targeted keywords that help solve the need or wants of your prospective customers, which they themselves use in their search queries. So start off with a basic list of keywords, and go on to expand into specific subtopics to make groups of keywords which you will use in your Adwords campaigns.

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Mistakes You Want To Avoid When Doing Adwords Campaigns

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This article was published on 2011/04/17